You are probably all too familiar with how costly a hobby photography can be; especially if you are purchasing high-end, well-known name brand cameras (and parts), such as the Canon 70D. With this in mind, the Canon 70D refurbished is the best alternative to new.

Below are the best Canon 70D refurbished deals we found online.

Best Canon 70D Refurbished Deals

Canon 70D refurbished

Canon EOS 70D EF-S 18-55mm IS STM Kit (Certified Refurbished)

Refurbished Kit

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Canon 70D refurbished body only

Canon EOS 70D (8469B002) Digital SLR Cameras Black 20.2 MP Digital SLR Camera – Body

Body only refurbished

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Refurbished Canon 70D Buying Tips

Before you buy your Canon 70D refurbished, there are some things one has to consider. From finding the best deal, to understanding the pros/cons, and finding the right dealer, these are a few things to keep in mind before buying refurbished over new.

1. Where to buy

Although purchasing directly through the manufacturer is an option, a price hike comes along with this option, even as it pertains to buying refurbished. So choosing a reputable online store (e.g. is the ideal way to save (anywhere from 10 to 30%) on your Canon 70D refurbished, all while knowing you are getting a genuine camera (and parts). Why (or .ca, First off, they guarantee authenticity. In addition to this, they typically warrant the parts, guarantee operation (for a set number of years), and they inform you of all repairs/work which was done on the camera (an unauthorized seller typically won’t).

2. Saving on refurbished

Of course, the main reason one would choose to buy a Canon 70D refurbished camera (or any top make/model) is for the savings. You can truly save anywhere from 10% to 30% (which can add up to hundreds of dollars) on your camera by choosing refurbished. With this of course comes many advantages and disadvantages one has to consider.

3. Advantages/disadvantages of refurbished

Like anything, before investing in a refurbished camera, you have to weigh the pros and cons. Some of the advantages of buying refurbished include:

  • The savings (as mentioned above, possibly up to 30%).
  • You can typically find lenses, accessories, chips, SD cards, etc for discounted pricing as well.
  • When purchasing from an authorized dealer you receive warranties/guarantees on your purchase.

Of course with these saving advantages also come a few drawbacks one should consider. Some of the disadvantages of refurbished over new include:

  • It is not new. No matter which way you look at it, the camera was owned and used by others prior to you.
  • It might have scratches, dents, and dings.
  • With refurbished items, you typically get “as is” condition (this means only internal work was done, if there are scratches, marks, etc, you have to deal with this).
  • With refurbished you also have little to no resale value if you choose to try and sell the camera at a later date, which should be considered as well.

Worth the discount?

This is truly a personal question you have to ask yourself. Is it safe buying a Canon 70D refurbished camera? The answer is yes, BUT only when purchased from an authorized seller. In addition to this, you have to consider things such as cosmetic condition, body damage, warranties and limited guarantees, which isn’t the case if you were to buy new.

If you want to save, know who you are purchasing from, and have weighed the pro/cons of your purchase, the savings are plentiful for choosing refurbished over new. But, before you jump in because they savings are “too good to be true,” make sure you truly know the seller, what they guarantee/warranty, and what work was done on the refurbished camera, to be on the safe side.

If you are on a tight budget and love this costly hobby, refurbished might just be the option you’ve been looking for. So start your shopping, compare, and learn about a seller’s reputation, if you want a great deal, on high-quality equipment, when the time comes to purchase.