The Canon 70D is a full performance DSLR camera that is ideal for any enthusiastic photographer. It comes with all the necessary specs that you are looking for in a modern day camera. If you want to upgrade your camera from entry level to a more advanced camera, then the Canon 70D is worth considering.

With its new pixel count (20.2 MP) and other cutting edge features, the 70D is not only great at a glance but also excellent when it comes to image quality. To get professional results, it is vital to be equipped with every little accessory for your camera. Canon 70D comes with a complete array of accessories to choose from. If you want to enjoy every little moment in your photography, then here are the top Canon 70D accessories to consider.

Top 5 Accessories for Canon 70D

1. Speedlite

Speedlite best canon 70d accessory

Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT Flash

This is the most critical accessory for any serious photographer. As you already know that light is critical when it comes to photography. If you can understand the trick behind photography and light, then you can come up with professional quality results.

Speedlite brings the difference between quality and poor results. It gives you the flexibility to manipulate the quality and direction of light. Speedlite accessories that can help you modify the direction and quality of light in your photography. There are those that can use radio or optical triggering. The radio system is great but doesn’t have their radio. You may need a transmitter module to control off and on camera flashes.

2. Canon 70D Spare Battery

STK LP-E6 Battery for Canon 70D

STK LP-E6 Battery

Though it may not be that much necessary, a spare battery can save you if you are going outdoors for long. This means you can change your battery on the spot and continue with your photography. The best battery for Canon 70D is the LP-E6. It can last for long allowing you to shoot hundreds of photos. You can also buy batteries made by Celltime, Photiv or Wasabi and save you big money.

3. Canon 70D Battery Grip

DSTE Pro BG-E14 Vertical Battery Grip

DSTE Pro BG-E14 Vertical Battery Grip

If you want to shoot for an extended period, then you need a good battery grip. It is essential and saves you from the stress of changing batteries and disturbing your photography now and then. A good battery grip should give you an ergonomic access to all your settings as you shoot in portrait mode. Additionally, it provides you with a more balanced feel if you will be using your lenses for long.

4. Memory Cards

Memory Cards

Nothing sulks like shooting photos in a wedding event then you realize you don’t have sufficient storage space. Most Canon memory cards come with high capacity. It is good to ensure that your memory card has excellent write and read speeds. SDXC, SD, and SDHC are the right memory cards for your Canon 70D.

5. Tripod and Monopod

tripod for canon 70d

While most of us think monopod and tripod are for pros, it is not. Canon 70D is not just a snapshot camera. It is a high-performance camera that suits pros and novices. A tripod, therefore, is essential in most situations. A tripod allows you to set your camera and watch your subjects flexibly without necessarily looking at the LCD screen. Monopods are great for nighttime shooters and real macro photography. It is good to buy tripods and monopods that are recommended by Canon Corporation.


Canon 70D is the best-in-class camera if you need an inexpensive but high image quality. It shoots like any other high-end camera. However, it is important to ensure that you have all the required accessories before you start your shooting venture. The above are some of the accessories to consider.